Setting the Facts Straight

As an ink on paper purist and a paper lover I can’t help but to attempt to set the facts straight regarding the “Anti-Paper Crowd”….

Did you know that the forest products industry is the largest producer of renewable biomass energy in the United States, generating 77% of the nation’s industrial biomass energy? Additionally, the renewable energy generated by the forest products industry exceeds all of the nation’s solar, wind and geothermal energy generation combined?

Did you know that the forest products industry is a leader in the production of renewable energy, with more than 65% of the on-site energy needed to produce paper products derived from carbon neutral biomass?

Did you know that in the United States, we grow more trees than we harvest? The amount of forestland has remained essentially the same for the last 100 years at about 750,000,000 acres, even though the U.S. Population tripled in the same period!

It’s easy to accumulate accurate facts and amass information to attempt to dispel the myths of paper as being an enemy of the environment, but without a concerted effort by everyone in the paper manufacturing and paper products industries, the daily onslaught of misguided “environmentalists” whose facts are less than forthcoming will continue to grab headlines……


Posted December 11, 2023

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