Our Quality Commitment Extends to All the People Whose Lives We Touch

To our customers, our philosophy means that we listen. This may sound simple, but knowing how to listen is critical to getting the job done right. Understanding our customers’ requirements allows us to provide print solutions that meet and exceed their current and future needs. The listening skills of our dedicated Account Specialists combined with our quality standards and service ethic, make every job at J.J. Collins Printers a job well done.

We make the same pledge to our employees and to the community in which we work. To our employees, this means we prepare them to thrive in a customer-focused environment of quality and service. Their health and happiness are key to building a team that shares our company’s dedication to delivering only the finest quality work with top notch service.

To the community, we pledge to responsibly consider the impact of all our business activities. We carry out our work in an ethical and environmentally kind manner.

Our Mission Statement says it all: We are committed to providing innovative print solutions of the highest quality to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.