The Future of “Printing” remains a dominant force…

The printing industry has not been ignoring the changes that surround it. The technology of print is in a state of constant innovation. It has never been more reasonable and faster to get high-quality print (of any sort) to consumers or businesses alike.

At the same time, print is being assaulted from multiple angles. Raw materials are rising. Postal rates are up. Consumers and businesses are increasingly distracted by other media; the Internet, television, mobile devices and more.

The economic analysis surrounding the health of the printing industry remains positive. With its huge reliance on advertising-supported printing and legal mandated print within business and consumer transactions, it’s difficult to see how the industry will ever be diminished as an essential source of supply of ink on paper.

Like many other industries, the print industry is in the midst of substantial consolidation, removing capacity as to shore up prices. At the same time, new print technologies are adding capacity as quickly as consolidation removes it, and the net is likely a wash…


Posted November 4, 2013

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